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Your terms and conditions agreement should start with an introduction that lets users know they’re reading a terms and conditions agreement

You should also mention that anyone using your service, platform, or site must follow the terms.

YouTube, for example, clearly establishes in its terms and conditions that:

  • Users must agree to the terms of the agreement before using the service.
  • Users must be at least 13 years old to use GetYouTubeToMP3.
  • Users under 18 must have their guardian or parents’ permission to use the service.
  • Anyone who uses GetYouTubeToMP3 is automatically assumed to have agreed to its terms and conditions.

Third Parties

This clause tells users that you are not responsible for any third-party services or sites to which your site links

You should also tell users that they are solely responsible for reading the legal policies, rules, and terms and conditions of third-party sites and services.

Disclaimer and Warranty

A disclaimer states that your site is available on an “as-is and as-available basis” and that users use it at their own risk

Essentially, this clause states that you are not responsible for any damage that your service, product, or website may potentially cause a user.